April 22, 2017
April 22, 2017



Hygiene and cleanliness comes easy with FlexLota portable bidet.

Unlike bottle-type portable bidets, FlexLota is much easier to use and transport. It has a foldable body and it only takes a minimum amount of space. FlexLota can be stored in a pocket, bag or luggage with ease. Holding the FlexLota portable bidet is also easy having a body similar to a tetra pouch which is commonly used to hold liquids.

To fill the FlexLota, simply twist the cap open and fill it up to 500ml or 17oz of cleaning fluid. FlexLota's cap also has a push-pull opening to squeeze liquid out and lock it tight in a jiffy. When empty, FlexLota can be folded tightly and secured by a pin for easy storage. With these features, FlexLota promises personal cleaning to be convenient and easy in every way.
With FlexLota portable bidet, you can clean yourself anytime and anywhere with ease. FlexLota is not only for those that avoid using toilet paper for their sensitive bottoms, it is also for anybody that wants a complete wash after waste disposal. With FlexLota, complete cleanliness can be carried with ease.