Dedicated Full Stack Team

We take care of all front and back end needs

We understand that every project is different and to meet the needs of each project to the fullest, we have dedicated full stack teams for every individual project. Our full stack teams have expert developers who are skilled in databases , HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS and all other related fields. We also have experts in Photoshop and other graphics programs to meet the front end needs of your projects.

Dedicated Support Teams

Offering continuous support day in and day out

At Automly, we are dedicated to providing high quality customer services to our clients, regardless of what time it may be. We have dedicated support teams for each project that will help you with all the queries or problems you have. Our support teams consist of professionals who are expert in their fields therefore, you will not have to worry about anything.


Consult with us and get a solution

If you are looking for consultants who can offer expert advice on any development and design needs, we have a team of professionals to help you our consultant offer efficient and cost effective solutions. The process begins with the consultant meeting the client and understanding their needs. Later, the consultants keep a close eye on the development of the project and any needed expertise. The consultants also work closely with developers and keeps everything managed to be completed in time.

24x7 E-Mail Support

Always there to offer support

At Automly, we also have a dedicated team for email support which works round the clock the entire week. If you have a question, or are looking for a solution to any problem, our email support team will always be there to help you out. Any issues will be thoroughly addressed and will also be forwarded to the concerned team and people.

Cloud Hosting

We keep it simple for you

Automly offers cloud hosting services for all the clients who are looking for expert services to manage their cloud hosting. We offer a user friendly console, automatic backups, managed security, unlimited installations and total server control. With our cloud hosting services, you will need no more to make your business a success.

Server Management

Managing all your needs

If you are looking for a dedicated team to manage your servers, we have it all. We have experts in server management who will work tirelessly day in and day out to keep your server upgraded, up to date and managed. You will not lag behind in any of your core business processes with our server management service.

Shared Full Stack Team

Experienced professionals for all tasks

If you are not looking for a dedicated full stack team or it seems a little too costly for you, you can also opt for a shared full stack team. The team is no less than the dedicated team and has highly experienced professionals to meet your project needs.

Shared Support Team

Cost effective and ideal for all

If you are looking for a cost effective support team to keep your business going, you can opt for our shared support team. The team has highly experienced professionals to provide you services round the clock.

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