Your app is only as good as its architecture

At Automly, we believe the architecture of your software or app is the foundation of the entire system and unless you get it right, you cannot put other pieces together. We are a leading architecture development team that takes pride in creating well-orchestrated mechanisms and blueprints on which all the further activities and development of your app or software will be based. Our services are extremely effective and will help you take the first step right and then build on it.

Database Design

We build custom database design solutions

No matter what size your business is, having a tailored database design keeps your business running. With our well-designed database designs, you will be able to effectively retrieve, store and manipulate processes as and when needed. We have a team of experts with years of experience in designing databases to give you a winning and scalable solution. With our exceptional database designing services, you will be able to streamline your business processes, improve management effectiveness and operational efficiency, and maximize return on investment through increased market reach.

API Integration

Feature enhancements and additions for improving business prospects

At Automly, we believe in making your business successful. To enhance user experience and improving business prospect, you can make use of our services to integrate the best features from other applications to your application and reap benefits. Any application you are interested in can be integrated with your application. Whether you want a strictly business API upgrade or the integration of a social application, we address all your needs.

.net Development

We develop modern .net applications for our clients

At Automly, we have a team of experts who are capable of transforming your specific business needs into highly scalable and flexible .net solutions. With our exceptional services including .net development and integration, you will take your business to the next level. We have a full stack of .net development services to let your business provide stellar performance and enhanced user experience.

Php Development

Offering a wide spectrum of PHP development services

Automly offers a wide range of PHP development services to help make your applications high performance, fast and highly scalable. We make use of leading frameworks and tools of PHP to deliver solutions that best fit your business needs. We have team of experienced add skilled professionals who are experts in delivering the best PHP services to make you a winner.


Perfect cross-platform for building, testing and deploying apps across iOS and Android

With our longstanding experience of working with Xamarin, you will be able to capitalize on all the aspects of your applications. We offer high quality enterprise Xamarin development solutions. With our expert Xamarin development solutions, you will be able to experience unadulterated and pure performance of the apps. With our Xamarin services, your apps will perform best while also retaining the traits of their native platforms.


Fast and effective PhoneGap Solutions

With our skilled team of PhoneGap experts, you will be able to achieve your business goals effectively. We create mobile applications that are compatible with all platforms and promise enhanced performance optimization. Our PhoneGap applications work flawlessly over all operating systems and major platforms helping you reach your business goals.

SAAS App Development

We offer effective SaaS application development solutions

Our SaaS development service encompass takes into account al l the functional building blocks and architectural requirements and deliver successful solutions. We offer complete solution to developing application structure, business strategy, support and training and all the needed aspects to help our clients in SaaS applications. With our experts, you will be able to better attend to your core business needs without worrying about SaaS anymore because we have you covered.

Web App Development

Intrigue and engage customers online

At Automly, we offer engaging, reliable and productive solution to meet the business goals you have planned and deserve. Our web app development solutions offer customized apps suited to meet your business needs. We offer outstanding user-friendly web app development services making use of latest technology and expertise of our team to build you a solution that transforms your ideas into reality.

Mobile App Development

Launch a native app to get your existing site revamped

Automly offers its expert solution and services to create a user friendly and highly responsive mobile app to keep you on top of your game. Whether you need to develop a new mobile app from scratch or are looking to make some much needed changes in the existing app, we have you covered. Our mobile apps offer a neat UI and a great user experience. All your ideas are taken into account to make a product that is spectacular in all aspects.

Desktop App Development

Rich custom desktop apps for unparalleled performance

With Automly’s custom desktop app development service, you will be able to win the market share that will make you go wow. We offer cross-platform and platform-specific desktop app development services that offer unmatched user experience and high performance. We are experts in MS SQL Server and .net to design and build tailored desktop app development solutions to make you win the market.

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