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May 11, 2017
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Web Design—What is Trending in 2017?

To deliver excellent user experiences and improve lead conversion rate, online businesses need to make sure that they have web app designs that are both compatible with multiple devices and highly engaging. And this is exactly why it is extremely important to stay up to date with the latest industry trends so that you know what’s trending and what people expect from you this year. In today’s post, we’ll walk you through the top web design trends for 2017 so that you can tweak, revamp or get a new design for your online business to keep your business website trendy and relevant. Continue reading to learn more about the trends to watch out for this year…

§  Bold Typography

2017 is the year to keep it simple, clean and minimalistic. That’s right. To deliver a superior user experience, it’s important to de-clutter your website and focus more on big and bold typography to anchor homepages. In fact, the web app design world has come to a consensus that the focus should be on crisp content that is just as bold and big as a statement itself.

§  Cinema-graphs

As you have only 8 to 10 seconds to capture visitor’s attention on your website, designers are now using impressive and creative cinema-graphs to make web designs stickier and visually appealing so that visitors stay hooked to the screen longer and consider exploring the website instead of bouncing off. Cinema-graphs basically include high quality videos or GIFs that run smoothly and in a continuous loop. It’s expected to be included as a solid and crucial element in web application designs this year for adding movement and creating static pages more visually appealing.

§  Layers of Colors

Web designs this year are expected to be brighter and colorful as research shows that layers of bright colors add texture and more depth to a simple layout. Likewise, you’ll also see more of bright hues with bold gradients in 2017 designs.

§  Premium and Authentic Photography

One of the best ways to build user trust while delivering great site experiences is to use authentic photographs on the site. Business owners don’t realize this but stock photography not only lowers trust but also make web designs look very cheesy.

According to a research conducted by Depositphotos, the demand for candid and original images and photos on websites is increasing. They help build trust and real life images also contribute to the visual story of the website. So, in other words, we are expected to see more premium and authentic photos integrated in 2017 web designs. However, we’ll have to wait and watch how well this change will work for businesses.

§  Conversational Interfaces and AI Powered Bots

Designers believe that in 2017, AI powered bots are going to become even more complex and realistic, which is much needed to empower online businesses to both automate sales and communication. Using a variety of tools, web based businesses will be able to connect at large with customers through messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WeChat and WhatsApp, providing excellent and customized customer support and e-commerce. Conversational interface will bring a huge shift that will help brands express their personalities with a greater impact and make them more approachable and human-like.

§  Illustrations

Illustrations are also expected to become quite popular this year. We’ll see a lot of interesting and creative graphics and illustrations on websites. It is believed that adding interesting illustrated touches on the website will help businesses inject personality into the design and make it more lively and unique.

§  Wider-Implementation of Responsive Designs

To ensure site compatibility across multiple devices like mobile phones, tablets and desktops, responsive designs will continue to dominate the industry. However, another reason why we believe that responsive designs will continue to dominate and will have wider implementation is the fact that last year, Google changed and updated its SEO ranking algorithm which now boosts the web ranking of business websites which optimize its content for mobile devices and users. So, we’ll see more companies employing responsive designs to boost their Google rankings.

For more information or design services, get in touch with us today. We have a team of designers who have the experience and expertise to create sticky, high converting and trendy web and mobile app designs across platforms.

Kashif Movania
Kashif Movania
As CEO at Automly, Kashif is responsible for bringing clients' ideas into reality. With nearly two decades' experience in Technology, Product Design, Architecture, and Startup Management, he serves as a business coach and confidant, he wears many hats to serve Automly's clients'. Often, in addition to CEO, He takes on the roles of CIO, CPO, and CTO for many customers. His passion is to build simple, innovative applications and tenacity to help others fuel his 20 hrs work days. He is the part coach and part cheerleader for my clients, project managers, and developers alike. In turn, He strives to ensure all Automly teams deliver projects on time and within budget. At Automly, we know that access, resources, and knowledge are critical to the success of any young or mature business, and we are here to help.