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10 Free IDs and Code Editors That Are Useful for Programmers

Web development isn’t easy as pie. Developers need to put a lot of effort to create a successful website or application. Every Webmaster needs the right tools to do their job well. To create a well-crafted design, you really need to be inspired to put your hard work in the right direction. Fortunately, there are some tools in the form of IDEs (integrated development environment) and code editors available to help you completing the task in the quickest possible manner.

Below, I have outlined a list of some truly resourceful code editors and IDEs using which you can save a lot of time while developing a specific program. They have all the supported tools and robust set of features that allow you stay agile, efficient, and productive.

1. Codelite


Codelight is an open-source, free, cross-platform IDE for C/C++ programming languages. It’s a very convincing tool for any novice programmer and is highly recommended for lightweight projects. This feature-rich IDE has a very intuitive interface and some dynamic tools that make your life easier. It is also compatible with a range of modern browsers (such as  Windows, Linux, OSX).

2. Bluefish


Bluefish is an open-source editor that is highly customizable and flexible. It comes packed with some nifty features that make editing easier and faster. It’s simple to use and gives so many possibilities to write and edit your own source code to create flawless web projects. Bluefish can also be extended by including some additional programs and snippets. Being an open-source project, there are better chances of adding new features for the extension purpose.

3. Java Inventor


Java Inventor is a high-performing Java IDE that makes development and deployment of Java applications easier. It is developed with the motive of reducing the development time for Java programmers. It’s a RAD tool that allows you create tables, data management, forms, reports and more. The IDE part is great to revamp the overall look and feel of your app.

4. JS Bin


There are times when you test the reliability of your JavaScript code and see it actually works. JS Bin is an interactive IDE that lets developers create and share their work so that deviations can be detected and solved. It’s serves as a bin that gives you a preview of your work in the output, which can be further used for editing and sharing purposes. It’s free and has all the features that streamline your development work.

5. Komodo IDE


Komodo IDE is a cross-platform IDE that support all the major languages to get your development work done quickly. It features an intelligent code editor that lets your write impeccable set of code. It also provides a multi-thread auto debugger which provides support for Python 2.4-3.3 along with Django templates.

6. jEdit


jEdit is a highly advanced and excellent text editor that’s written in Java and is compatible with all the leading browsers. It features a built-in macro language and an easy to extend plugin design, which can be downloaded and installed directly from the jEdit’s plugin manager. It is also easy to customize and is suitable for both novice and seasoned developers.

7. Aptana


Aptana is a professional, open-source tool for the development of web applications. Based on Eclipse, Aptana primarily aims at the JavaScript development. It also supports a wide range of programming languages and comes complete with a full support for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. For those who develops for PHP or Ruby can also consider Aptana for the development purposes.

8. Code:: Blocks


Code::Blocks is a free, open-source IDE for C/C++ programming. It can run seamlessly on all the major platforms and is highly customizable and configurable.  It is built using the plugin framework and can be extended by installing some functional plugins. It also comes with a plugin wizard so that you can create your own plugins. Code::Blocks is absolutely versatile and great for building your dream project.

9. DrJava


DrJava is simple and yet surprisingly versatile IDE for beginners. It is free, open-source IDE mainly targeted at those who are new to the development field. It includes some truly powerful and fantastic features that also make this IDE a foremost choice of advanced developers. DrJava also provides support for multiple platforms and comes with an intuitive interface that makes the development process fast and simple.

10. Coda


Coda is a rich text editor which lets you produce clean, fast, and reliable set of code for web projects. Using Coda you can also preview your work and make changes if required. In addition, Coda also gives you a perfect way to manage your both local and remote files.

To Sum Up

And that’s the round up of 10 best free IDEs and code editors available for programmers. Be sure to bookmark this article so that you can use them for your advantage.

About the Author:

Employed as a professional PHP developer with Xicom Technologies Ltd, Amanda Cline has written multiple articles based on custom Software Development, Web Application Development etc. If you need to hire PHP developer then simply get in touch with Amanda via Twitter.