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May 7, 2014
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May 9, 2014
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15 Creative Javascript Plugins For Developers

Javascript is one of the premier choices for adding  effects to your website. The right effects can add a lot to the user interface and you know what they say, as far as the user is concerned the UI is the product.

With that said, here are 15 innovative JS plugins that can give your website the edge.





1. Font-To-Width

This is a text fitting tool that changes the width, weight variants in order to make the text fit. It also changes letter spacing. But unlike other such tools, it doesn’t scale the text in order to fit it.


2. jQuery Tip Cards

This plugin lets you create a card-based layout. The user can flip through the cards just like they do on Google Tips.


3. Adaptive Background – JQuery plugin

A jQuery plugin for extracting the dominant color from images and applying the color to their parent.


4. Flippin’ 3D countdown – CSS + JS

As the name suggests, this one allows you to make a flippin’ 3D countdown animation in both Javascript and CSS.


5. Scattered Polaroids

This is a flat styled polaroid gallery effect that has all the items scattered randomly within a container.


6. Book preview with BookBlock

This is a concept design for online book stores, which displays all the books in a grid format and allows for the user to view details and inside the book.


7. scrollReveal.js

This Javascript plugin allows you to create animations showing how items fade in when they are triggered into the viewport.


8. ElastiStack

This Javascript plugin allows you to view a stack of items by dragging the first one away. It provides an elastic effect where when the first item is dragged, others follow as if they are connected by elastic.


9. Offline.js

Automatically display online/offline indication to your users.


10. At.js

Add Github like mentions autocomplete to your application.


11. fullPage.js

This jQuery plugin allows you to create innovative full screen scrolling websites, which seem as if they are slides.


12. Flowtype.js

This Javascript plugin automatically adjusts font size and line-height with relation to the element width.

13. Vex

A modern dialog library which is highly configurable and easy to style.


14. One Page Scroll

Create an Apple-like one page scroller website (iPhone 5S website) with One Page Scroll plugin.


15. Background Check

Automatically switch to a darker or a lighter version of an element depending on the brightness of images behind it.