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Validation is a key aspect to creating any form. Many jQuery plugins are available online for form validation, that make the validation process quite the walk in the park: creating a validation in just a few steps. We have compiled 10 good jQuery plugins for your validation needs!



jQuery.validity is a plugin designed to aid in the configuration of clientside form-validation. It makes use of jQuery’s selector engine and follows its pattern of method chaining.

2.jquery formvalidate

Taking validation rules from HTML 5 data attributes applied to each input, this plugin helps efficiently validate your HTML forms.



A lightweight form validation for jQuery or Zepto.js.



Relies on using modern HTML5 input attributes to perform validation, however, it can also use native validation where ever possible.



This cross-browser plugin gives you the power to use future-proof input types such as tel, email, number, date, and url.



You can validate email, phone, url to more complex calls such as ajax processing.

7.Quick Validation

Quick Validation

jQuery form validation that makes sense. Using a data-validate attribute in the input tag, you can string together rules like this required,number,range=0-99, then add the .quickValidate class, add a data-name attribute to name your field for errors, and you’re done.



Like no other form validation library, simply write in English your requirements inside your form HTML tags, Parsley will do the rest. No need to write even a single javascript line for simple form validation.



A jQuery plugin that gives users real time hints and progress updates as they complete forms.

10.jquery live form validation

A jQuery plugin which helps create easy form validations with high flexibility and a large set of options.