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What makes Joomla A Preferable CMS As Compared To WordPress?

Joomla is more a content management system (CMS) for making websites, and WordPress is more a system for making blogs. Yes, a blog is a website, but there are certain standards and designs expected with websites, which is why it is easier to define them as separate entities. A WordPress blog may be turned into a website and a Joomla website may be turned into a blog. Here is why the Joomla system may be more preferable than WordPress.


The WordPress advantage

Let’s start with the obvious, and that is that WordPress has the advantage over Joomla in terms of popularity. Joomla websites make up 2.8% of the Internet, whereas WordPress websites make up 20% of the Internet. Joomla powers the Pizza Hut website, Gorillaz website and the Leonardo Di Caprio website. WordPress powers many more than that, especially when it comes to celebrity websites. So yes, in terms of current popularity it seems that WordPress has the advantage over all content management systems.

The Joomla extensions are less vague and wishy-washy

The problem with popularity is that it comes with its own set of leeches and people that want something for nothing. This has happened with WordPress. People discover that lots of users want plugins/extensions (they are the same thing) and so crank out as many plugins as possible in order to cash in before the craze dies down.

Good WordPress directories try to keep the quality of their listings, but the fact is that if all you have to choose from is pear, then your fruit salad is not going to be a world beater.

With Joomla they have around 6000 plugins and they are almost all very useable, very efficient and very good at what they do. The focus has been on making the best in order to make a user’s life easier. Many times the plugins are commissioned by people that want the software for themselves and then discover they can sell their creation for a profit as well as using it themselves. It has led to the plugins being worth the time of the people downloading them (that cannot be said for many of the WordPress plugins).

The admin area has a better user experience

You read about things such as UI, UE, etc, and they exist to try and explain the qualities of a GUI (there is another acronym). Joomla has a very good user experience, which means it is more of a pleasure and less of a hassle to use their admin area than it is to use the WordPress one. There are a lot of fanboys/girls out there that write about the interface like it is the juice squeezed from the Apple of knowledge dipped in honey. So, instead of reading about the interface, go have a look at some screenshots of the Joomla user interface and the WordPress one. You will see how the Joomla one is a little more intuitive and easy to navigate.

You can use the default templates with Joomla

There are a lot of templates for WordPress, though they call them themes for some reason. Though, with Joomla you can use the ones they have already as defaults. They are good looking, they work very well and they are very easy to customize to such a high degree that you could fill your computer with websites from the same template and none of them would look the same. There is little point working hard to find great themes with WordPress, when you can work with Joomla and start right away with the default template.

The Joomla system is easier to use

Some say that both Joomla and WordPress take the same amount of time to learn, which is probably true. But, let’s say you have just finished using a different content management system and want to change. If you were faced with WordPress and Joomla you would find Joomla the easiest to learn. You would also find it the easiest to use as you add more and more plugins to the system. With WordPress you are more likely to lose your way and slowly become confused.

Let’s say you added a bunch of plugins to each, used them and then left them for two months. When you come back to Joomla you are going to find your content management system a lot easier to handle, but with WordPress you are going to need a little longer to reacquaint yourself with what everything does.

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