12 Weeks to Minimum Viable Product


Your road to minimum viable product

A minimum viable product is a technique of development in which there are sufficient features in a newly developed website that are enough to satisfy the early customers and adopters. The finished version of the website is developed with all the complete features only after there is thorough feedback from the initial users of the product. The final version addresses all the problems and lacking in the initial product and thus is unique, perfect and ready to be rolled out to the world.

Week 1 Strategy

The foundation for the final product

The 1st week is dedicated to making strategies. It involves thorough and detailed meetings with the client to understand their requirements and then mapping out a strategy about how to reach the goals of the client. Communication is the key here as the better we know the ideas and goals of the client, the better strategy we would be able to make.


Week 2 ­ User Experience Mapping

Because users are the king

The 2nd week involves mapping the user experience to understand the product from the perspective of the users. The mapping includes clearly illustrating the needs, expectations and wants of the product from the user’s perspective to understand what needs to be added to the strategy to make it work.

Week 3­ User Interface Design

Innovative, creative and easy to browse

The 3rd week begins with designing the user interface. This includes taking into account the strategy and the user experience mapping done in the previous weeks. The designers work closely in line with what the users will like and start the design phase.


Week 4 - User Interface Design

Final touches to the UI design

The 4th week continues with finalizing the user interface design and addressing all the lacking there might be in the design. The team of designers make sure that the user interface design is unique, creative yet pleasing to the eyes and easy to use from the user’s perspective.

Week 5 - Validate Learning

To achieve perfection in what we do

The user interface design made in accordance with the strategy and the user experience mapping is then put to validate learning. All the elements are discussed and gone over once again from the beginning to address any changes required and any shortcomings before moving on to the next phase of making the system and database architecture.


Week 6 - System & DB Architecture

The blueprints for coding

Once the user interface design and all the associated items are finalized, this week goes into making the system and database architecture. It takes into account the needs of the client and the user experience of the final customers. This system and database architecture will be the base for coding.

Week 7 – Coding

Exceptionally skilled developers

The next three weeks are dedicated to coding. The developers gather in this week to discuss all the coding needs, tasks are assigned to each one of them and the coding process begins.


Week 8 – Coding

Streamlining the coding and addressing any shortcomings

More coding, more queries answered, more process streamlined in this week.

Week 9 – Coding

Finalizing the coding

This is the final week for coding where everything is finalized and given expert touches. Developers complete their tasks and go through everything to ensure it is done correctly before put to testing.


Week 10 – Testing

Testing for any issues in any phase

Testing is done on the local servers this week. This highlights if there are any issues in the user interface design, the database architecture and the coding. Any problems identified are addressed on an immediate basis.

Week 11 - Validating Learning

Validating the goals with the final product

Everything from week 1 until today is discussed and gone through once again for the final time. This ensures that everything is in accordance with the needs of the client and the final goal in mind. Also, it is also validated that the final product is ideal for the end users or not.


Week 12 - Live Testing and Go Live

You are LIVE. Work Done

Once everything is done, the final week is dedicated to live testing. Any problems seen during this phase are also addressed at the spot and the final refined version is made live for the audience.


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